VirtualDrive Personal

VirtualDrive Personal

VirtualDrive Personal is a CD/DVD emulation software for Windows
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VirtualDrive Personal is a CD/DVD emulation software for Windows. With this application, you can forget about ever inserting a DVD or CD into your computer more than once. What this little program does is create an ISO image of your discs and place it on your hard-drive. Once the image is done, Virtual Drive Personal mounts it as a virtual CD or DVD drive. So you have your DVD on your computer and it works just like if you had the actual CD there. The benefits are obvious. You get an increased speed rate and access rate. The speed is way much faster than having an optical disc on the tray. Of course, it helps to have a big hard drive. A whole image of a DVD movie will take up to 5 gigabytes in size. Also, bare in mind that VirtualDrive Personal will not work with protected media. So if you are looking for a solution for that problem you might want to try something else. With the purchase of VirtualDrive Personal, you get a lifetime live update subscription, which should keep your application updated at all times.

José Fernández
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  • Works great with most discs


  • Doesn't support protected discs
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